The Quality Policy

Plasticolor Laboratory

Plasticolor productdevelop, produces and sells masterbatch, color and additive concentrate, to the plasticindustry globally.

The business is based on quality assurance and cost-effectiveness. To develop new products according to customers’ wishes and to produce and deliver products to the highest possible quality, for the best price possible. To the given procedures ensure that the quality policy is followed, and to constantly develop new creative solutions to ensure that customers get more value for money.

We are constantly following laws and regulations regarding pigments, polymers and additives to develop a product that is suitable for final production.

The management should be responsive to its own organization, market, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders as well as ideas and suggestions for development and change, and through training ensure that staff skills are always the highest possible.

Plasticolor Sweden AB makes many investments in new equipment and continuously carries out preventive maintenance in order to have the best machinery

This will be achieved through:

  • A goal-oriented business that is constantly improving
  • Good relationships with business partners, society and other stakeholders
  • Providing effective processes and tools to support our business
  • Direct and active leadership
  • Competent, motivated and reliable employees
  • Monitoring and updating of the quality system
  • Risk management



Håkan Linné

CEO of Plasticolor Sweden AB