Environment for a sustainable future

Plasticolor manages many different production technologies, all with different environmental characteristics and challenges.

Most of Plasticolor’s operations are strictly regulated by laws, regulations, and permits – on global, EU, national, regional and local levels.

But Plasticolor’s environmental work has larger ambitions than complying with existing regulations. Plasticolor considers environmental responsibility to be the very foundation for sound business development, which improves the company’s competitive position and protects the value of current as well as future assets.

Since 2013 Plasticolor has been part of “Bra Miljöval” started by Vattenfall and Naturskyddsföreningen in Sweden. This program is striving to reduce the environmental impact from energy production.

When Plasticolor heard of the program “Bra Miljöval” we saw this as the crossroad to take a decision about the legacy we leave behind.



Plasticolor works towards a long-term strategy to prevent unnecessary environment damage.
This means, for example, that the waste will be sorted and taken for recycling or destruction.
The destructive material are burned in a combined power and heating plant.
Plasticolor shall follow all relevant laws and regulations in the environmental legislation.


All raw materials at Plasticolor are approved according to the REACH regulation 2006/1907/EG.
The products have either been or are:

Exempted from registration, polymers.
Exempted from registration, import < one tone per year.

Plasticolor hereby declare that none of the 15 Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) appearing on ECHA’s SVHC List, of latest update, is added intentionally or content over 0.1 % in our products.


Plasticolor are working with latest IT structure. We are continuously updating our backup,
virus, firewall and authority systems to keep the system reliable.