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Vi på Plasticolor har tagit beslutet att gå över till endast grön el. Energi som endast kommer ifrån förnybarakällor. Vattenfall AB sköter leveransen av denna energi som har fått Svenska Naturskyddsföreningen sigill över Bra Miljöval.

Plasticolor Masterbatches is recognized in Europe as a leading supplier of quality masterbatches and additives. Product manufacturers, designers and brand owners from all different corners of the world rely on Plasticolor masterbatches to help them create competitive products that makes a great impact on the market or to create a high quality end products for great performance of plastic goods, packaging, fiber or slip. Most of the order are specific formulated for each customer.

We supply:

  • A large product portfolio with custom colors and additives
  • We make more than 1 000 color matching per year
  • Extensive knowledge in the field of plastics
  • Over 20 years of experience in color masterbatches and compounds
  • Specialized in the field of environmental processing
  • Several Factories around Europe for local service and support
  • Colors can be matched and supplied in customers own polymer
  • UV-Stabilizers, Anti blocking-agents, Antistatic